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Person to Person Quality is a division of ADI Consulting. ADI has serviced clients in the financial services industry with regulatory and a variety of other compliance needs since 1993.


In business, no matter what we’re doing, we keep score. Just as in sports, where someone wins and someone loses every game, each day brings new win-loss chances for businesses. In fact, sometimes these chances come and go so quickly we don’t recognize them for what they are – Customer MomentSM opportunities.

The Customer MomentSM is that critical time when your customer is fully engaged – with you, your employees, your products, or your services. If you succeed, you win a new customer or keep one whose business is important to you. If you lose, your business takes a hit. Over time, Customer MomentSM wins and losses determine success.


ADI’s Person to Person Quality services are designed to ensure that our clients win.


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                                           Person to Person Quality is a
                                             division of ADI Consulting

Person to Person Quality  

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